About us

About us

4 specialists are involved in organizational work. 20 professional counselors and 70 volunteer psychologists implement the programs.

When we lack our own knowledge and experience, we turn to experts for help. For more than a year, we have been working with IT specialists who, like us, understand the relevance of programs that will contribute to the formation of a responsible and safe use of the new technologies. These programs will help to reduce suicide cases among adolescents and young people in Russia. Our aim is that teenagers could choose positive ways to cope with stressful events.
Reduce the number of suicides among adolescents and youth in Russia. We work to ensure that adolescents in crisis are able to choose positive ways to cope with stressful events.
We shape additional areas of care based on the relevant cases reported by teens. Assistance programs are aimed at preventing suicide and violence, strengthening family and friendships, fostering caution, conscious behavior on the Internet and taking care of own psychological health.
The Charitable Foundation "Your Territory" ("Fund"), was established and operates in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law of 12.01.1996 No. 7-FZ "On Non-Commercial Organizations", the legislation of the Russian Federation and the decision of the founder No. 1 on May 23, 2014.

Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1147800003955 dated 02.07.2014. The fund is registered by the St. Petersburg Office of the Federal Tax Service. Certificate of registration of the Russian organization with the tax authority at the location in the Russian Federation, series 78 No. 7810437426 dated 02.07.2014.

An entry about a non-profit organization was made in the departmental register of registered non-profit organizations by the Office of the Federal Registration Service for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region under the account number 7814012080.
Our main purpose
Our priorities
Additional programs
Our team
Our beliefs
We believe in the potential of any child, regardless of who he is, what he has done and what he has been going through.

We strive to create a safe space where teenagers can turn at any time and be sure that they will be heard, understood, and helped.
Legal information
The main area of our work is the text help line on the website of "Your Territory". The website was created in 2014 to provide emergency psychological assistance to children, adolescents and youth under 23 in crisis situations.
Main program
Contribute to the reduction of crisis situations
Prevention of risks in adolescent and youth environment with the help of programs for prevention and overcoming of crisis conditions. Formation of skills for coping with difficult life situations.
The adolescent period is always accompanied by various stressful situations. The way a teenager experiences these situations (with support or alone) determines his further well-being in adulthood.
Take care of psychological health and well-being
In our work, we seek to update our knowledge and raise awareness of the technology and Internet risks impact.
Consideration of the evolving technologies and risks on the Internet
Our many years of experience of working directly with adolescents gives us an understanding and vision of the current global demand from young people, which is changing with the world around them.
Promote better understanding between generations
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